The Film

It's New Year's Eve, and Frankie, Jake, Brian, and Nina are gathered for a low-key celebration of board games and wine. As the evening progresses, tensions bubble to the surface: Brian and Nina have just had a baby and haven't had sex in months, and Frankie is sniping at Jake about, well, pretty much everything. When the baby cries, it gives everyone an excuse to take a break from the awkwardness. And in a moment alone with Brian, Frankie's life is turned upside down—and as the evening continues around her, she knows that nothing will be the same.

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Best Short Screenplay, LA Indie Film Festival, March 2017

Audience Award for Best Short Film, Indie Street Film Festival, July 2017


Big Apple Film Festival Women's Filmmaker Showcase

Woodstock Film Festival

Portland Film Festival

Twin Cities Film Festival

Tucson Film & Music Festival

New York Indie Theater Film Festival

Indie Street Film Festival

LA Indie Film Festival